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How much will my loft cost?


Nowadays, the prices of moving houses seem to be increasing by the day. These alternative options often fall into the tens of thousands, which is why we have structured our loft tailoring to suit your needs and budget.

If you are looking to increase your living space without looking at an alternative like moving houses, then you may want to consider our bespoke loft conversions. At Spectacular Lofts, we focus on making good use of your loft structure to enhance your home. In this instance, it would save on the need for a costly house move, which would involve substantially increased costs.

Additionally, we cut out all agencies and middlemen to offer you a transparent service as to designing your ideal loft. During our client assessment process, we'll discuss your needs and requirements for designing your loft to ensure you are left happy and with your perfect new living space.The next step is to render your requirements into an architectural concept and investigate the feasibility of what you would like to build. We'll analyse your project requirements to identify risks, constraints and explore potential ideas to ultimately assess its viability.