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Attic Conversions in Dulwich, Crystal Palace and the Surrounding Areas | Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

When it comes to increasing the value and living space of your home, converting your loft is a popular alternative to house extensions. This is particularly true for homeowners with limited outside space or those who don’t want to extend into their garden or patio. If you only use your attic for storing Christmas decorations, our loft specialists carry out a wide range of attic conversions that can fully optimise your underused loft space.

As a professional loft conversion company, we specialist in all kinds of loft conversions in Crystal Palace, Dulwich and the nearby areas. Whether you live in a period property or a more contemporary house, we can help you find the right style of conversion for your home.

On this page, we look at the benefits of a hip to gable conversion, as well as what this type of conversion project involves.

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What Are Hip to Gable Attic Conversions?

In recent years, hip to gable loft conversions have become an increasingly popular method of expanding the living space of a home. This is because many properties in Crystal Palace, Dulwich and the surrounding areas have regular, ‘hipped’ roofs with one sloping side. While this is an attractive feature, it often results in limited attic space. This makes it difficult to convert your loft without extending the property.

However, with a hip to gable conversion, our loft specialists alter your roof structure on the sloping side. This means we replace your sloping roof with a vertical wall, before extending your roof all the way across to this new gable end.

If your home in Crystal Palace or Dulwich has two sloping sides to the roof, our loft conversion company can replace them both with vertical walls. This results in double hip to gable attic conversions, which provide even more living space.

Some of the benefits of hip to gable loft conversions include:

Hip to gable loft conversions are suitable for detached or semi-detached properties with a hip-end roof. They are also ideal for most chalets and bungalows. However, they are not a viable option for mid-terrace homes. Although, it is possible to undertake this type of conversion on end-of-terrace properties.

Most hip to gable conversions fall under Permitted Development, which means you probably won’t require planning permission before work begins. However, we recommend checking with your Local Authority beforehand, just in case. Click here to check.

Call the loft specialists at our loft conversion company on 0800 033 7788 or 07460 425 394 for hip to gable attic conversions in Crystal Palace, Dulwich and the surrounding areas.